Create and manage your own ERC-20 cryptocurrency tokens over Ethereum.
Welcome to Webit CrypToken web app. Deploying contracts and creating your own ERC-20 customized tokens over Ethereum blockchain has never been that easy.
You will need a Webit account to use our service, as it will allow you to manage the create tokens over time, together with a MetaMask wallet for the issuing procedure.
A few notes
The MetaMask wallet is only required for tokens management, but it will never be linked to your Webit account and none of the information related to your MetaMask account will ever be retained in our servers.
We have a very strict and respectful policy about our users data.
Creating a token with our app is quite an easy operation that will run in two phases: deploying your customized Token contract over the blockchain and creating the desired quantity of tokens.
* Both of the contract and the created tokens will appartain to the specified wallet address, so if you create a contract for more tokens then the ones created during this session, then you will be able to create further tokens in the future both using our platform or by proceeding by yourself elsewhere. You and only you will be the solely owner of the deployed contract and the created tokens. We are just your management platform you can easily opt out at any time. We are always be willing to apply the most transparent policy possible.
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